‘I intend to make them grovel’ – Pom Ashes selector

In a sensational interview late last night, Geoff Smith, the shadowy power broker behind the UK selection panel, let slip his mask of debonair sophistication and revealed how he really felt about Saturday’s contest. ‘I intend to make them grovel. We have selected a world class team of experienced international competitors; they’ve gone with a group of debutants. Whenever has a debutant delivered in an Ashes series?’

Peter Taylor, the Australian who conceived the series rebutted angrily ‘I’ve got one word for Geoff. Ashton Agar. Sure, the Poms might have a good team on paper, but mathematics isn’t done on paper. Well, it is I guess, but you know what I mean’.

With less than 48 hours to the first problem, tension between the two teams continues to mount. Read more of Geoff’s sensational interview later when he opens the lid on how and why the UK team practice sledging the opposition.

Info on the background to the Mathematics Ashes can be found here.


One thought on “‘I intend to make them grovel’ – Pom Ashes selector

  1. Oliver says:

    I remember in 1986 the Aussies selected a guy called Peter Taylor for the final test in a dead rubber. The press mocked the selection “Peter Who ?” and suggested the selectors had meant to select Mark Taylor (the batsman and future captain) but selected Peter (an offspinner) by mistake.
    Taylor took 11 wickets and bowled Australia to victory on his debut.

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