Shakira in Ashes row


Santa Marta: Colombia

A major diplomatic row was erupting late last night when the organisers of the prestigious 99 nation International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) claimed they were being upstaged by what they termed as an ‘El Ratón Mickey’ event; the Mathematics Ashes between the UK and Australia.

‘It’s always the same with these Brits’ said an anonymous IMO spokesman. ‘Our universities would like to take part in the Boat Race, but they simply always put Oxford and Cambridge in the final. What sort of contest is that? Now they won’t let anyone else take part in the Ashes.’

The jurors of the IMO event are believed to be holed-up in Barranquilla, birthplace of Colombian songstress Shakira.

Shakira herself was unavailable for comment last night.

Info on the background to the Mathematics Ashes can be found here.


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